How to Choose a Carrier for Your Cat


When it comes to transportation-related matters, we always prioritize safety, comfort and practicality. The same should be true for your cat. You can consider buying a good cat carrier an investment, both for you and your pet. Not only does it give you extra security, but also more pleasant travels with your furry friend.


Of course, when buying a cat carrier, there are many things consider. From your your pet's size to the carrier style (cardboard, soft carrier, rolling suitcase style, hard plastic, etc.) to features (single vs. Multiple doors, screws, side snaps, plastic pegs, sliding plastic locks, zippers/snaps/velcro, plastic knobs, etc.), choosing can be really confusing. But how do you do it? How do you choose a good cat carrier?


First off, the carrier should be comfortable for the cat, easy for you to use and clean, and easy for the veterinarian to deal with. For a lot of cats, the only trips they'll make is going to the vet. Choosing the right carrier can help reduce your pet's stress. Try putting a towel in the carrier to give your cat a familiar scent and something cozy that she can rest on to keep her from sliding and experiencing car sickness. Buying an easy-to-clean carrier is smart - if your pet does poo, pee or vomit during the trip, the vet's staff can deal with it so your pet can have a clean ride home.  Know about buying a cat carrier here!


It's also important to choose a well-ventilated carrier that can be covered with a lightweight towel or fabric that gives your pet a safe-feeling environment. Still, there should be several entry points or doors so your pet can easily peek outside without feeling claustrophobic. This actually works to help you coax your cat in and out of the carrier as well. To know more ideas on how to choose the right cat carrier, just check out


Remember to take the top off as cats like to have their backs against something to feel more secure. That's why they often like to sit in a corner, somehow feeling secure that they will not be harmed from behind. If the carrier top is removable, the vet can examine the pet while she stays in the carrier, unless the vet says she has to come out. Finally, you can put towels over the carrier top to make a dark and cozy place where your cat can hide her head. 


As you can see, choosing the right Meow Tee carrier isn't that simple. But if you do it for love, nothing is ever too hard to do.

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